Para bobsled launcher
May 30, 2021


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The Challenger, the USA Bobsled/Skeleton Development Committee, requested QL+ to design and build a Para Bobsled Launcher. This device is an enabling technology that will allow SCI, double leg amputee, and single-leg AK amputee athletes to participate in the high speed, high adrenaline sports of bobsled and skeleton.  Being able to successfully drive a bobsled or skeleton down a twisting chute of ice from the top of a 40-story building in less than a minute while experiencing 4 – 5 G pressures throughout the descent is a life-changing experience!  The key to that experience is the speed at the top of the track when the descent begins.  This electromechanical launch device will allow the para-athletes to experience start speeds comparable to those of able-bodied athletes.

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