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Engineering An Improved Quality of Life for Those Who Served our Country

About QL+

The Quality of Life Plus Program brings together America's brightest students at leading universities to create life-transforming, assistive technology for our country's wounded heroes.

For American patriots wounded in the line of duty, their struggle doesn't end with their service. Many live with disabilities that drastically alter their way of life. For some veterans and first responders, injuries or illnesses after their service makes the active lifestyle they once enjoyed, out of reach. Even simple tasks become a daily challenge. These men and women sacrificed much for their country; we want to give back to them.

A group of students helps a man by building a walker
A group of students stand with a Challenger under umbrellas

QL+ works to give these heroes the support they deserve. We connect injured service personnel with students who develop cutting-edge technology to help them achieve a higher quality of life.

Since 2009, QL+ has expanded to universities across the country. Students build solutions that impact real lives, and wounded heroes get the support they need to overcome their lifestyle challenges. We are not market-driven; we are people-driven.


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Our Mission

Challenging University STEM students to create innovative technology solutions that improve the quality of life for injured veterans, first responders, and others who have served our nation.

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About QL+

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A group of students helps a man by building a walker

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