Become a Challenger

If you have an injury or disability and you are
a member of the military, a veteran or a first
responder, QL+ has a program that is designed to
improve your quality of life at no charge to you.

We're with you every step of the way.

As a Challenger, members of the QL+ learn about your life and your physical limitations so that we provide you with a solution that increases your independence, mobility and participation in your favorite sports and other activities.

What to Expect as a Challenger

Once you become a QL+ Challenger, we will work with you to develop a description of what you would like to improve in your life. We assign this description, or Challenge, to one of the universities where we sponsor our program. You then become a member of a team of engineering students, faculty and a QL+ Project Manager. The team will work on your project and come up with a prototype that is specifically designed for you, at no cost to you.

Your project will normally be designed and built over a 9 month period. The Students and Program Manager will interact with you virtually and when feasible in person – either at your home or at the university. You will have input into the solution so that it meets your expectations as much as feasible. The goal is to provide you with a workable solution to a problem that will improve your quality of life.

Step 1

Challenger Identifies Quality of Life Issue

The QL+ Team works with Challengers to determine a specific injury, illness or challenge that is hindering overall quality of life.

A group out on the water with a challenger
Step 2

Paired with a QL+ Program Manager

You will be connected with a QL+ team member who will take time to understand your needs and identify a quality of life issue. After meeting with a team member, QL+ will propose your "Challenge" for internal vetting to determine if  this project is appropriate for our student teams.

A group of students standing with their challenger
Step 3

QL+ assigns the Challenger to a university partner.

QL+ Program Managers work closely with university faculty and staff to assign a student team to begin working on your Challenge.

A group of students standing with their challenger
Step 4

Engineering Team Develops and Builds Customized Solution

Throughout the academic year, QL+ Program Managers work with you and the student engineers to design and develop a STEM solution to your Challenge. The goal is to deliver a custom, adaptive device that will improve your quality of life.

Students assembling a project

Apply now and become a QL+Challenger. It will change your life.

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A group of students standing with their challenger and his completed project

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