A modified litter carrier
May 1, 2021


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The materials of the current device were analyzed and compared to more durable counterparts such as wood (Yield Strength=8.6MPA) against tougher aluminum 6061-T6 (Yield Strength=276 MPA), and classic military canvas compared to a higher denier (fiber thickness) ballistic nylon. A subsection prototype constructed of PVC was created in order to test fabric stitching and tensile/abrasion fabric testing was conducted to verify fabric durability and strength. From there, a final structural design of a bi-fold litter device was agreed upon in order to form a solution to the cumbersome previously used device. In addition to material improvements, the implementation of wheels for the ability of a single transporter as well as the addition of backpack straps that allow for transport while the device is not needed were incorporated into the design. The final design consists of 1” OD aluminum pipe, aluminum/stainless steel fittings, 1050 denier ballistic nylon, and lightweight aluminum core rubber wheels.

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