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Lloyd Caldwell, P.E.

Engineering Management Advisor and Consultant


Lloyd Caldwell, P.E., is an engineering management advisor and consultant following a career of service in construction, engineering, and projects management for the US Army Corps of Engineers. He retired as the Senior Executive Director of Programs for Defense and other Federal Agencies where he was responsible for the Corps’ global policy and technical functions and projects. He implemented principles-based policies and operations based on attributes of professional and ethical standards, collaboration and partnering, transparency, auditability, doctrinal operations, and accountability. In addition to his service in the civil sector, he served in military contingency operations in Kosovo and Iraq. He is the recipient of numerous awards including the ASCE Outstanding Projects and Leaders Award, the Silver Order of the De Fleury Medal, Election to the National Academy of Construction, and the Rank of Distinguished Executive in the Army Senior Executive Service, among others.

He is a Distinguished Military Graduate of Auburn University and holds masters degrees from the University of Pittsburgh.