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J. Gregory Jolissaint, MD, MS, CPE, FAAPL

CEO and Owner, J Jolissaint Consulting, LLC


Greg Jolissaint is the CEO and Owner of J Jolissaint Consulting, LLC, based in Woodstock, Maryland. Following a 36 year leadership career in the US Army, almost 5 years as a clinical leader within Defense Contracting, 3 years in executive positions within the Veterans Health Administration, and over 5 years in a non-profit health care system executive, Greg established a Consulting Business that is focused on assisting health care systems deliver high quality, safe, and equitable patient care; that is focused on helping health care systems understand the nuances of providing equitable and culturally competent care to military service members, Veterans, and their family members; and that is focused on helping health care organizations and executive leaders achieve success in their journey to creating High Reliability Organizations.

Greg retired as a Colonel from the US Army. He began his military career as an Infantry Lieutenant, then following 4 years of active duty, he returned to school and graduated as a Medical Doctor. After completing a Family Medicine Residency, he spent the next 2+ decades serving in medical leadership positions for both operational Army units as well as Army clinics, hospitals, and medical centers. Following his military retirement, Greg enjoyed a successful career as a defense contractor which included deployments in support of US and NATO medical forces in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kuwait during Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. He then transitioned to the Veterans Health Administration where he served as the Senior Leader in charge of Quality, Patient Safety, and Performance Improvement for a large VA health care system; he later served in both Deputy Chief Medical Officer and Chief Medical Officer positions of large VA health care systems prior to moving to a nationwide, non-profit health care system to create a military and veterans health-focus for their 90+ hospitals.

Greg continues to contribute to his profession and his community by serving as an American Association for Physician Leadership Board Member and former AAPL Board Chair; as the Board Chair for AAPL’s Certifying Commission in Medical Management; as a Board Member for the Quality of Life Plus Program; and as the Commission Chair for Maryland’s Howard County Commission on Veterans and Military Family Members. Greg is also an active member of his Pastoral Council and an active member of his local American Legion Post.