May 23, 2018


Crystal Wilson has worked in adaptive recreation, sports, and fitness for almost ten years.  In 2013, she was facilitating an adaptive cycling program, wherein she met her future husband, Tyler.  

Over time, Crystal and Tyler worked together and eventually become friends.  Their “first date” was very casual because neither of them thought that their relationship would progress beyond friendship.  Crystal explains, “It took other people around us telling us that there was a chemistry between us before either of us could admit it!”  

Crystal and Tyler will be celebrating their Second Wedding Anniversary on July 1.  They are the parents of a son who just turned one year old and have a dog that is a retired Service Dog.  Sadly, their other dog just passed away (she was a retired Therapy Dog).  The Wilson Family enjoys spending time outdoors together, doing everything from taking walks in the neighborhood, to hiking, cycling, and skiing.

We asked Crystal to tell us about a day-in-the-life of her family.  Crystal explained that this was difficult to do because of their busy schedules.  Crystal explains, “This varies so much; it depends on the season and if it is a school day for Tyler or a work day for me.”  Generally, the family exercises together and spends time outside if the weather permits it.  They make sure to have two healthy meals per day, together, at the dining room table.  They like to get out into the community with their son.  Crystal spends time helping Tyler with the care he needs, and she spends time training her clients to reach their fitness goals.  Tyler spends a lot of time studying.

Crystal strives to be the best version of herself, for two significant reasons—her husband and her son.  She explains, “I want to be the best version of myself so that I can support Tyler in any way I need to, on our mission to prevent his disability from limiting him from leading the life that he wants to lead.”   She wants to be the best mom possible to their son.  “Our miracle boy deserves the best.  I want to keep up with him as he grows and becomes more active.”

Crystal and Tyler are working with engineering students at Colorado School of Mines on two projects.  Both of these projects will allow their son to join them on their outdoor adventures, safely.  The first project is a bike trailer attachment for Tyler’s handcycle.  This project will improve their quality of life by ensuring that if Crystal was unable to haul the trailer holding their son on her bike, Tyler can on his.  The second project will save them a lot of time and energy.  “When we go skiing with Tyler, we joke that I am his ‘pack mule.’  I carry a majority of his gear to/from the mountainside.”  With this device, Tyler can carry his bucket, and Crystal can tend to their son, (who has already been on skis twice!), helping him get to/from the mountain.  Crystal explains, “This also seems small, but to us, it is so big; it will allow us to make a single trip to the mountainside.”

We asked Crystal to share her words of wisdom for other families.  “My biggest suggestion is always to be the best advocate when it comes to you and your family member's quality of life, especially regarding their independence,” she states, “Always seek the best answers, opportunities, resolutions, outcomes, and services that will help your family reach its goals. Never stop trying to continue moving forward in life together.”

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