June 24, 2020


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Challenge:  DropEase
Challenger:  Cincinnati VA Medical Center, Nurse Terry Ohlinger
University Partner:  University of Cincinnati
Student Team:  Hunter Brown, Ben Burkhart, Kenny Nickels, Matthew Bobbitt, and Jackson Barrett
Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Tom Huston
QL+ Program Manager:  Amber Humphrey

Project Summary:

The goal of the Drop Ease Challenge is to provide the ability to self-administer eye drops to patients with disabilities. The main issue is a patient’s ability to administer one eye drop at a time and locate the eye to give the eye drop. Our group worked with Quality Life Plus, Veteran’s Affairs, and the University of Cincinnati in order to develop a design that will solve this dilemma. This report gives an overview of the design process and the prototypes that were developed for this goal. Two designs were developed in order to help patients with one design being for those with more range of motion and one for those who have further difficulties.

The first design involved the use of a handle and trigger concept in order to administer eye drops. This prototype is beneficial for patients who have a further range of motion. It allows the patient to locate the eye drop with a design that fits up to one’s eye socket. By squeezing the trigger on the handle it performs the function of administering one eye drop at a time.
The second design is a glasses concept with a tension cord and handle. This concept is for those who do not have a full range of motion in their arms. The glasses also have a pivot in the center in order to make it easier to switch the bottle from one eye to the other. The tension cord and handle are to squeeze the bottle and allow only one eye drop to come out of the bottle at a time.

Our main concept for the Drop Ease Challenge is the trigger and handle. This is because it is the most manufacturable and easiest to use. Along with the ease of use, it is also easier to transport and store for hospital use. The glasses concept is provided as another solution for Veteran’s Affairs if the patient does not have the ability to hold the trigger and handle design up to their head.

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