We are deeply grateful to our past supporters who have made it possible to unleash the creativity and passion of Cal Poly’s best engineering students in serving the needs of injured veterans. The QL+ Laboratory has originated roughly three dozen highly practical and useful solutions.

Every year we add to our list of innovations and project successes. Every year we take on new challenges as well as continue work on the really tough challenges that require multiple teams and can span years to completion. To ensure that we provide our nation’s heroes with only the very best in innovative assistive devices, QL+ Projects often undergo further project cycles to refine the design.

As you scroll through our projects, please think about the great value our veterans and students are getting from your contributions. For many of our students, working on a QL+ project is a career-changing experience. We are proud to have many of our former students get good jobs in assistive and related technologies. We strive to make our operation efficient and streamlined to limit the cost for designing, building, testing, and manufacturing the prototypes to be less than $25,000. Some solutions are so customized that only one individual will use them. Others lend themselves to manufacture and distribution to people with similar injuries.