QL+ Challenger

A QL+ Challenger can be an active-duty or Veteran member of the military, a first responder or other public servant injured in the line of duty; or a care-giver, health professional, or member of the wider disabled community who identifies a need that could be alleviated by a QL+ innovation.

QL+ Project

A QL+ Project is a QL+ Challenge request that meets necessary requirements and is accepted into the QL+ Program (subject to funding and academic priorities).

Our Program is a results-oriented approach to solving distinct problems:

Understanding the problem: We invest the time and commitment to understand the specific and special needs that prevent a wounded warrior from achieving full potential at home, at work, or at play.

Creating the solution: We channel the creativity, enthusiasm and dedication of engineering students and faculty at the QL+ Laboratory at California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) to research and develop innovative solutions as part of their educational curriculum.

Since we started in 2009, the average cost of creating a solution has been $25,000. Some challenges are so complex that they have spanned multiple school years and involved multiple teams. The QL+ Laboratory can take on a maximum of 10 challenges in a school year. The question is how many will we be able to accept for this school year. The answer depends in part on how willing you are to support our work. Time is short, but the need is great. We want to take on additional challenges this year.

The QL+ results-oriented approach has three phases:


  • QL+ receives a Challenge from an injured service member, caregiver, or other health provider.
  • We work with the Challenger to understand their need and to develop the requirement.
  • The QL+ project is presented to potential student team members for their senior project.
  • A Cal Poly Faculty Advisor selects the student team, ensuring a balance of disciplines needed to develop the specific solution.


  • Over the course of 6-9 months, the multidisciplinary team develops an innovative solution with input from the Challenger and Faculty Advisor.
  • A functional prototype is manufactured and turned over to the Challenger.


  • The prototype undergoes field-testing and further design refinements.
  • QL+ actively seeks a manufacturing partner to manufacture the product & distribute it at low cost to other injured service members.

QL+ Challenge

A QL+ Challenge is a request for an assistive device to mitigate a physical limitation or restriction caused by a service-related injury or disability.

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