Wounded Warrior Programs



Feb-11-2012 19:56

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There are many great foundations and non-profits to assist our wounded warriors.  One of the non-profit foundations that has been really engaged over the past year and seems different than the others, is the Travis Manion Foundation.  They are committed to keeping alive the spirit of service exemplified by all those who have given their lives in defense of our nation.

Their foundation has supported our Marines/Sailors in many ways, i.e, HM3 Raffetto, Cpl Rumbaugh, and 1stLt Fallon.  As tuition assistance is getting cut across the Marine Corps, they have helped by providing funds to some of our wounded warriors so that they can continue with their education plans and make a successful transition. This program is called Challenge Grants.  Essentially any veteran or spouse can apply for a grant and they will fund it.

For example: a Non-Medical Attendant wants to be Red Cross certified so she can better care for her husband/son.  They apply for a grant and the Travis Manion Foundation will fund the entire cost.  Additionally, they have a public speaking seminar called Character Does Matter.  In these forums, they go into the community or high schools and talk about the importance of character and value. Cpl Brandon Rumbaugh will be participating in these forums in the near future.”

Another non-profit organization is Quality of Life Plus.  The mission of the Quality of Life Plus (QL+) Program is to foster and generate innovations to aid and improve the quality of life of those injured in the line of duty, an objective that closely echoes the Wounded Warrior Project’s (WWP) own mission to “honor and empower our nation’s wounded warriors.”  A central focus of their program is to provide a technological advantage to aid injured Veterans as they reintegrate into the civilian workforce.  QL+ innovations can help overcome the physical obstacles that may otherwise limit job opportunities, enabling those with service-related injuries to effectively compete with other jobseekers.

Service members severely injured by roadside bombs and other weapons used against them face lengthy and difficult recoveries.  Military hospitals seek new ways to improve their quality of life, aid healing, and reintegrate them into society.  In 2007 Musicorps began a revolutionary program at Walter Reed Army Medical Center to help war veterans adjust to postwar life and help cope with trauma.Musicorps – an intensive music rehabilitation program at Walter Reed Medical Center – is an unprecedented approach that helps achieve these goals.

Musicorps replicates “real world” music relationships so that service members work on, and are motivated to work on, robust goal-oriented projects. Musicorps integrates individualized projects, regular visits by highly accomplished musicians, and the use of specially-assembled computer-based music workstations along with traditional instruments. Visiting musicians guide participants throughout their projects, offering everything from instrumental instruction to production assistance. Working in whatever musical style they prefer, participants are able to learn, play, write, record, and produce original material. Musicorps can accommodate any wounded warrior, regardless of musical background or other circumstances.  “This gives us a piece of us back.” – Sergeant Nicholas Firth, Musicorps’ first participant.

How You Can Get Involved through Volunteer Work and/or Donations

Here are a few of the Wounded Warrior Programs that have made a huge difference in the recovery of our nation’s heroes:

Wounded Warrior Regiment http://www.woundedwarriorregiment.org/

Travis Manion Foundation http://www.travismanion.com/

Homes for Wounded Warriors www.hwwp.org

Homes for our Troops http://www.homesforourtroops.org/site/PageServer

Semper Fi Fund http://semperfifund.org/

Wounded Warrior Project http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org/

Quality of Life http://www.qlplus.org

Fisher House Foundation  http://www.fisherhouse.org/

Musicorps http://musicorps.net/About.html

Warrior Games http://www.defense.gov/home/features/2011/0511_warriorgames/

Ride to Recovery http://ride2recovery.com/

Racing for Our Heroes http://www.rfoh.org/home.htm